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Month: November 2018

Breakfast, Sweet Breakfast

Breakfast, Sweet Breakfast

I’m a big believer in not forcing yourself to eat things you don’t like. But I also believe in retrying foods you think you don’t like. Taste buds change and if you keep reintroducing foods, you may find yourself pleasantly surprised that you do, in […]

Leslie’s Personal Faves: Cypress Skin Care

Leslie’s Personal Faves: Cypress Skin Care

It’s the final countdown! The holiday season is here which brings the season of giving. Now, I’m not going to judge whether you’re giving to someone else or to yourself… All I know is that it’s the season of giving! For the next few weeks, […]

The Easy Way Out: Your Permission to Take It

The Easy Way Out: Your Permission to Take It

I was talking with a friend the other day and she said something that kind of annoyed me/made me think/would make a good blog post. She was talking about a woman she saw in the drive-through line for groceries at her local store. “She didn’t have a disability decal or anything… I think she was just lazy.”


That could’ve been me.

This new picking up groceries without having to walk into the store thing is nothing short of GENIUS. Not only is it a time saver, a stress reducer, and a money saver, but I don’t have to drag an exhausted and starving 5-year-old through a store full of candy, cartoons, and colors after school when he has absolutely nothing left in his tiny box of self-control.

Grocery stores and hungry kids don’t mix

WHY does taking the easy, stress-free, smart way out make us lazy?

Y’all, we are busy. To the point of destruction. We constantly one-up each other with our busyness and our “I’m more stressed than you because…” competitions. This is literally killing us. Being busy and stressed isn’t a sign of being more accomplished, it’s a sign that we’ve lost sight of the joys in life and that we have totally forgotten how to engage in self-care, relaxation, and simplicity. It’s a fast track to illness, anxiety, and depression.

Cutting corners. Life-hacks. Whatever you want to call them… they don’t make you lazy. They make you smart. Anything that decreases stress in your life and makes your day more fun/productive/satisfying is SMART. And smart living makes for healthier living.

Cutting corners isn’t lazy.

So after a conversation with another friend about how I wasn’t cooking Thanksgiving this year since I only had one day off before the holiday and I didn’t want to spend it fighting people in the grocery store and slaving in my kitchen, I decided to write this post to give you all permission.

I, Leslie Hall of LesThanPerfect, give you all permission to be “lazy.”

Because… WHY NOT!?!

You don’t have anything to prove to anyone. You’re not in competition with anyone.

You can order those groceries online. You can order your Thanksgiving from your chef friend. You can also vacuum your car while in the car rider line. You can rearrange your kitchen to be more functional. I got so passionate about this topic that I reached out on social media to ask what others were doing to make their lives easier and less stressful. I got so many good ideas that I have listed them below. You’re welcome. Now thank all of my online friends for sharing!

Note: We all live in different financial situations. My goal in life is to teach people how to live their best, healthiest, and happiest life no matter what your bank account looks like. Some of the items listed below are things that not everyone can afford, but I asked for feedback from my online community so these reflect that diversity. So, when reading through these, take note of the ones that fit your life best, and pass on by the ones that don’t.

My point is this… find the things that you can simplify and do it. Eliminate things that do not serve you. Cut corners when you can. And don’t ever feel guilty for it. I’m sure my mama and grandmama are rolling their eyes at my sister-in-law and me ordering Thanksgiving… three years in a row… But the day is meant for family and fellowship and counting our blessings, and that’s what we are going to do. It doesn’t really matter who made the green bean casserole.

If you have more ideas to add to my lists, please comment below!

And thank you to my online community for sharing your ideas. If I thanked you all by name, the list would be longer than this post!



If you feel that you can’t get a handle on your health due to stress, the need to be perfect, or lack of self-care, reach out. I think I can help…




Simply Magic

Simply Magic

For some, the word “simple” doesn’t sound like a glamorous way to live. The word itself isn’t very sparkly or hopeful. Living a simple life might even sound drab and boring. A little too quiet. Even the definition is “a thing that is plain.” UGH. […]