Finding Magic in the Mess

Simply Magic

Simply Magic
For some, the word “simple” doesn’t sound like a glamorous way to live. The word itself isn’t very sparkly or hopeful. Living a simple life might even sound drab and boring. A little too quiet.
Even the definition is “a thing that is plain.”
But let’s talk more about how connecting with simplicity can actually make your life more magical.
If you find the simplicity in nature, a simple warm breeze after a rough winter can bring goosebumps of excitement. The contrast of colors in spring flowers and bright green trees is like an explosion of beauty. The soft, almost surreal quiet after a snowfall is breathtaking . Bare feet on warm grass. Fireflies. Golden wheat fields. Stars. Salt air.
You don’t need a five star restaurant to find the simple pleasures in food. A ripe summer peach – you know the kind where the juice drips down to your elbows? A perfectly ripe avocado. Warm honey and butter on fresh baked bread. Home grown tomatoes. A carrot picked from the ground and washed off under a garden hose. Simple is delicious.
The simpler a relationship is, the easier it is to find the joy in it. Those special friends you don’t have to pretend with. That safe feeling of holding a hand, whether it be your partner or your child or a friend. The electricity of touch. The familiar smell of a person. Simplicity can be intoxicating.
Summer tomatoes
So why do we keep making life more complicated? Why do we let the magic pass us by? Why are we in such a hurry that we don’t even taste our food? Why do we forget to take the time to literally smell the flowers? Why have we quit holding hands?
Making life a little simpler has been a goal of mine over the past year. I’ve simplified my relationship with people, with food, with my career, and with life in general. I’ve never been so happy. I have quit comparing myself to others. I don’t care what size your house is or that you get to stay home with your kids or that your floors are shining or that your jeans look painted on.
What I DO care about is that I no longer let food control my life. I no longer beat myself up for eating cake or for missing a workout. That my son looks at me like I’m a real-life princess.  That my husband would marry me over and over and over again. That I can relax with people and not worry about who they think I am. That I am able to change people’s lives.
What I care about most is that I’m happier than I’ve ever been. And healthier.
I urge you to take a step back and live a life that is a little more “plain.” Because there’s a lot of magic there. Just let go and BREATHE.
It’s really that simple.

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