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Leslie’s Personal Faves: Cypress Skin Care

Leslie’s Personal Faves: Cypress Skin Care

It’s the final countdown! The holiday season is here which brings the season of giving. Now, I’m not going to judge whether you’re giving to someone else or to yourself… All I know is that it’s the season of giving!

For the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing some of my favorite things. Personal products, food, gifts, recipes, etc. Hopefully I can help you and your family have a more meaningful and healthier holiday season!

First, let me tell you about Cypress Skin Care…

Two things started my rampage through my house to rid it of anything toxic. First was when my husband and I experienced a miscarriage. Like many women, I thought it was somehow my fault. Yes, I know that it wasn’t, but you can’t reason with a mother who has lost a baby. So I started reading about how not only what we put in our bodies can have a negative impact on our hormones, but what we put ON our bodies can as well.

Second, when my mother died of cancer five years ago, I started doing research on cancer prevention. I found more information about the harmful ingredients in our cosmetic products. That did it for me.

I threw out everything. Yes, it hurt to toss money in the trash, but the health of my family was way more valuable. 

The roadblock I ran into was that organic, quality skin and hair care products are expensive and school nurses get paid what teachers get paid, so that didn’t fare well for us.

Then I met Patti.

Patti and I met in an online wellness group about four years ago and became quick friends. She told me she had a dream of creating a line of organic skin care oils. Patti is one of those types who puts dreams in to action pretty quickly, and before I knew it, samples of face oils started showing up in the mail. Fabulous, organic, silky, and affordable face oils.

Well, that was at least two years ago, and I haven’t used anything since.

Not shown: Pure Love oil cleanser, Hair Love, Foot Love, and Dog Love

There are only a handful of ingredients in each product, all of which I recognize. The oils are 100% organic and cold-pressed. I know that the person making the oils puts her love into each bottle, and I believe that love travels with my bottles from California to South Carolina. What’s even better is that I have smoother, softer skin and much less breakouts. My makeup goes on evenly after using Face Love and comes off easily with the Pure Love oil cleanser (not pictured). The last time I traveled, I used the lotion in my travel bag and there was a noticeable difference in my skin than when I use Body Love. I won’t do that again! The Lash Love naturally lengthens and thickens lashes while you sleep! Magic!

While I would love for everyone to experience Cypress Skin Care, my point in writing this is that it is important to know what we are putting on our bodies and what harm it can do. So if that concerns you, do your research and use companies you trust – not just ones with big promises and pretty labels.


Cypress makes the perfect gift. Foot Love is great for those on their feet all day. Hair Love is perfect for those with hair that needs a little taming. And the skin care is perfect for everyone. There’s even one for your dog! Safe skin care for the whole family!

Today is the start of Cypress Skin Care’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale! Visit the site and use the code THANKFUL for 50% off!!!!

The sale ends at midnight on Monday, November 26, 2018. or visit her on Facebook at and tell her Leslie sent you! 

Up next for Cypress is a Baby Love oil!


Stay tuned for more of my favorite things! Comment below with yours!

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