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Let Me Tell You ‘Bout My Best Friend

Let Me Tell You ‘Bout My Best Friend

I know you’ve heard it. In fact, you might’ve even heard it from me. I bet you could scroll through my Facebook feed and find me saying it more than once.

Ditch the scale.

Just pay attention to how your clothes fit.

It’s just a number.

I could go on, but you know what I’m talking about. And some of these quotes floating around are right… Your weight does NOT define you. The number is JUST a number. And that number doesn’t tell the whole story – or really any story at all – about who we ARE.

But… I’m still taking it all back.

I love my scale, and we are not breaking up.

Now this hasn’t always been the case. There have been times where that number defined my mood for the day – victory or defeat. Happy or sad. Pride or guilt. Success or failure. What will it be today, scale?

But not anymore. Now we are best buddies. And not because I like the number it shows me each morning any more than I did before. I’m still on my weight loss journey, but now I’ve realized I have a friend in my scale to help me – rather than to define me.

Ok, so it’s really not my best friend. We only hang out once a day, and we don’t do much talking. I have real life human best friends, so please don’t feel sorry for me or call my husband to make sure I’m ok.


My scale and I have a good relationship now. My scale is a TOOL, not a measurement of how good or bad I am. I use it to help me, rather than to define me.

For instance, I have been paying more attention to my weight fluctuations as they pertain to what I eat so I now know that an overly indulgent day doesn’t normally show up on the scale until two days later. So I expect those jumps now, and I simply note them and move on. If I get an unexpected jump in the wrong direction, I go back to my food journal and see if there’s anything out of the ordinary there. If not, I chalk it up to hormones, water weight, life, etc. If the upward trend continues, I know that I need to tweak something somewhere. See what I mean? It’s a tool that HELPS me, rather than letting it hurt me.

This works better for me than paying attention to my clothing. I wear scrubs and yoga pants 24/7. It would take an extra 20 pounds to notice my spandex reaching its maximum stretch. I also don’t want to get to the point to where my clothes don’t fit well to know that I need to tweak something. The scale tells me almost immediately.

I feel like we get so wrapped up in what social media “experts” tell us that we have quit listening to ourselves.

You have my permission to trust yourself. Just because someone sells a weight loss supplement, has lost weight themselves, or even has fancy credentials, that doesn’t make them an expert on YOU.

Sometimes those people lose sight of what it is truly like to struggle with weight and continuously repeat the latest catch-phrase from the nutrition world without finding out what is best for each individual.

Every BODY is different.

So, if you like tracking your weight, befriend your scale. If weighing yourself makes you feel bad about yourself, you might want to put it away and start to explore those feelings. Just know that it was not created to ruin your life. It is simply a tool that can be very helpful when you learn to use it as one. Just don’t start hanging out with it on Friday nights…



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