Finding Magic in the Mess

How Can I Help?

What does it look like to work with a health coach?

Let’s think about the sports coach.

What do they do?

A good coach gently guides, holds players accountable, sees their potential and helps them visualize it, and makes them better players.

That’s pretty much what I do.

Do you want a better, happier, healthier life? I’m your girl. I listen to what you want things to look like, we create a plan, we take it slow, I hold you accountable, help you see your HUGE potential, and help you create the life you want. We work hard, we have fun, and we make things happen.

Why me?

Because I’m real. Because I’m honest. Because I’ve been there.

I’ve been overweight almost my whole life, so I’m not some smoothing drinking fitness model trying to help you lose those 50 pounds. I know it’s hard.

I lost my best friend to cancer in my 20’s, lost a baby in my 30’s, and then lost my mom. I know grief and sadness and even depression. I know it’s hard.

I’m not the perfect version of health and wellness. I’m real, I’m raw, and I’m FAR from perfect. And those experiences are why I help others ease off the road that’s not headed where they want to go. It took me a long time to find my way and I don’t want you wasting any more of your time finding yours.

So let me be your light…


I offer free 30 minute Exploratory Calls to see if personal coaching is right for you, so if you want to set up a call, send me an email today!

I only work with 2-3 clients at a time, so email me at if you’re ready to apply for a spot!

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